How it Works

No reservation is needed for groups with 5 people or fewer. You can just walk in and paint any time we are open. THERE IS NO NEED TO CALL TO MAKE A RESERVATION.

For groups with more than 5 people, please call us at 781.641.3000  to reserve our party room. The party room can be reserved with a $35 deposit and is suitable for either child-friendly or adult events.


On Thursdays and Fridays, we have special evening hours from 7-9 available for adult parties.  Dates fill up quickly so please call two weeks in advance to reserve the party room.

Step 1:  Choose the piece you want to paint.

Step 2: Fill out the top of the form with your information and choose four colors.

Step 3: Paint your piece

Step 4: Sign your name on your piece

Step 5: We will glaze and then fire your piece in our kilns.

Step 6: Return in one week to pick up your finished work! Don't forget to bring your yellow slip!

Pottery will be kept 30 days on the shelf. After 30 days it will be donated or discarded. If you are unable to pick up your pieces within the 30 days, please call the studio and we will hold them for you for an additional 30 days.

183 Massachusetts Ave.

Arlington, MA 02474


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